Update: Scribus is now available on Flathub; the nightlies are currently unmaintained.

You heard it. Getting the latest Scribus is now as easy as clicking this link. (Of course, you need Flatpak installed.)

Or if the git-y bleeding edge isn’t your thing, then click this link (if you get a 404 don’t worry, it’ll be up in a couple of hours) for the more stable development version, currently at 1.5.3, which, apart from lacking the scary red warning text in the splash screen, also manages to tuck in OTF support for all that flfi-ing, small caps and proportional oldstyle goodness, and a myriad of other probably more important changes.

I won’t keep this blog post updated, however, so probably a better idea is to head here for the instructions.

Note that the nightly won’t be a nightly per se, more of a weekly, because my Thinkpad X220 and 50KB/s upload only handle that much.

As always, contributions, of any kind, welcome, and please report any bugs you may find either on the scribus-flatpak GitHub page or upstream. Cheers!