Well, this is my very first blog post. I’ll probably write here time to time, documenting the more interesting parts of my work, if anyone will care to read. I’ll see how it goes. Anyway, since this is the first post I should probably write about how I set this up, right? Right.

Update: I’ve since changed my site to use the default Minima theme, which is much easier to maintain, and includes a mobile theme. Plus, I think it’s rather nice. Anyway, I’ll leave this post here, it’s not that bad.

Well, this site runs Jekyll. Why? Easy choice. I wanted something where I wouldn’t need to bother with hosting, as my experience with Wordpress sites already taught me to avoid them as much as possible. Unless you have a lot of money that is.

Enter Jekyll. Well, actually I wasn’t looking to make a site, but when I saw Jekyll I just thought this would be cool. So I have my very own site, hosted on Github beside all my code a managed by git. What can be cooler?

So, I started by cloning parts of Tom Preston-Werner’s site, which I decided to use as a base. That was about one and a half years back. Only now have I got to finishing it up a bit.

Since the look of Tom’s site is not exactly my style I had to delve into the CSS. I have never worked with CSS before, but I’m happy that I did now, it taught me several new things, interesting things that I’m glad I learned. Also, it taught me that CSS is pretty darn simple. Which is a good thing. And also that despite it being created for websites it lacks basic functionality, like creating a footer that would stick to the bottom of the screen unless the content goes beyond. I had to create an ugly hack to do that. Or, for example, mixing up fixed and relative positioning is not possible, so you can’t have a sidebar that’s positioned relative to the content on the x-axis and fixed on the y-axis, because, well, reasons.

I mean, yeah, creating this website was cool, I learned a lot, but I doubt I’ll get into webpage design. It’s just weird.

Also, colour-scheming. I decided to go with a dark website. I never have anything dark, which is the web’s fault actually. I like dark colour schemes and all, they’re much more elegant than light schemes, but I hate switching between the two. It just burns my eyes out.

At the time of writing, my webpage is made of shades of black, but I’m really tempted to switch to solarized. I mean, this black thing is kinda cool, makes it a little more unique since I created the colour scheme, even though most of it is made out of predefined colours, but it just lacks the beauty of solarized.

The more I write the more I want to switch to it, heh. I have switched my editor to the dark background to match the darkness of the site and it looks wonderful. I forgot how nice dark solarized looks.

I really like solarized. I remember the first time I encountered it was when fiddling about with Zsh and Oh-My-Zsh and customizing my terminal thoroughly the first time. I was trying out themes (or looking for them to be more precise) and a lot of people were saying nice stuff about Agnoster. I like it too, and I like powerline also, so I wanted it, and no other powerline theme was up to par with it. However, it had hardcoded solarized colours at the time. Now I had seen solarized in places before, especially in IDEs like MonoDevelop, or terminals, but I had always ditched it at first try, thinking that it was just an old not particularly pretty theme a lot of old people grew accustomed to. Something like vim. I couldn’t have been more wrong, in both cases.

’Cause here I am, typing this blog post in vim, with solarized, happy as a bee. If bees are happy that is. They probably are.

So yeah. That’s the story. I’m quite happy with the site as it is now, except a few tiny problems and the fact that I still haven’t decided on a colour scheme. What I’m especially happy about is that when I create my own site I can avoid all the stuff I hate about the web. I can proudly say this site doesn’t suffer from mobile design illness, it’s text is neither too big or too apart or too wide, it’s pleasantly readable and doesn’t make your eyes hurt. (Maybe a tad bigger text would be better? Also, I’m not overfond of the font.) The site ATM doesn’t contain any script and most of it is static, except for the sidebar, which doesn’t catch the attention too much, but still serves as a firm point while scrolling.

I mean, the site isn’t perfect, but at least it isn’t frustrating. It’s the best I could do.

So yeah. This was my first ever personal blog post. I initially thought I would make it in a more tutorial way but yeah, I got carried away. I recently learned how to type with all 10 fingers so at least I can freely spill my thoughts into the computer, heh.